Worlds FASTEST Hot Wheels ROCKET (700+ MPH)

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    736 no way

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    Well done on 10M

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    hey nathan/unspeakable im an a big fan btw can i get a shoutout im an og dude ive been here since 1 mil

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    Soon hot wheels will be faster than jet

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    😅Can you put buy all 2000 or 20 boosters all together

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    Do the truck restart it why are you shouldn’t do that from the bus bar back

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    I did you to scan to hot wheel cars at the same

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    Nice video unspeakable!

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    I hit 300 00 mhp

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    I have the limited edition Golden Blitz speeder its fast and rlly rare rarety: ???

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    The car that went 736 mile an hour i flipped out of my mind

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    622 OMG

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    525 OMG

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    I got 777 on the I'd track lol

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    You are crazy

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    Ahh nice

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    15345.38 miles per hour

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    1000 mph

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    i got 975 for 20 boosters

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    The empty hell comparatively strengthen because numeric startlingly punish despite a glamorous class. wakeful, cooing treatment

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    Those cars are tooo fast call the hot wheel police

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    736 mph that’s faster than a ✈️

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    A rocket to take off at 55,000 mph heads and see what they do but they do

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    736 is like a plane!!!!

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    Rocket actually takes off at 18,000 MPH

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    Hot wheels are my favourite toy cars I had 2 big boxes of them and that's how I love cars now like nissan gtr r35 is my dream car

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    My high score is 2,000

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    its slow at 9:29

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    40,000 mph.

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    1:00 YOU MISSED 360

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    Durex sucks lol so did she and not in the right way

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    It kinda sounded like he said rosters at the beginning

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    Am I the only one who saw that guu

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    ive done 999

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    unspeakable: he hit a speed of 472 also unspeakable: how fast do rockets take off? i think its around that speed me: so mach 4.7 (the average take off speed of rockets) is not equal to 3606.16 but 472, very informative:)

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    it says all mph are measured in scale speed so if it goes 110 mph in scale speed it is acctualy going 1.7 mph so you should not think that it acctualy is that fast

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    cuz yeh

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    And my favourite part is the turbo-skis part

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    “I feel like that’s how fast rockets go.” Rockets: go 25000mph Also rockets: are you tryna insult me rn?

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    Jumbo Jet:no one beating me boi i go 600mph UnspeaKable's hot wheels car:im faster then you dum*ss jumbo jet

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    I miss the old vids ;(

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    This 700 mph in reality a real radar gun will say 50 mph

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    5:35 you're wrong james, for a split second i saw 523 mph. But its fine.

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    You need to break Mach 1 which is 767 mph. PUT ACTUAL JET ENGINES ON THE CARS!!!

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    Unspeakable you cheated you did it until you beat gabe

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    Rockets don’t travel at 600 mph rockets travel at 25,000 mph to get into space it’s 7 mph per second for a rocket to reach 25,000 miles so you can get into space so there is no way that you can have a hot wheels car goes fast as a rocket

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    Imagine how much the cost of the battery’s must be

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    First of all, what house are they in?

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    I Like Your Videos Nathan!

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    Bro wtf

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    Speed, I am speed.

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    It’s insane how it’s going faster than a plane they go like 500-600 mph

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    Hi ? 🖕

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    You were the first IDdown’s I ever saw

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    fans *This is fine. that one person remembering this is 25+ people playing with hot wheels no

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    unspeakable used to have a blue grr just like that

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    i got at 1200 mph

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    You know i have a mega garage for hot wheels and 2 trucks for hot wheels

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    Please make a track around the house

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    I loved it you Nathern wun.

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    Go nsx

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    and thank you for makeing videos

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    i love your videos

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    I want 966

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    I like nathan nissang gtr

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    736 mph? if the 3 and 6 were switched it would be as fast as a 10 ton rocket car or Thrust SSC

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    What about a x-raycer it is fast on track

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    Part two plz

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    If it goes faster than 761 sonic wave go boom

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    He attacc he protecc but most importantly he make hot wheels recc

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    James You Are So Cool 😎👍Sub 2 Unspeakable

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    Water pls track pls track booster🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

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    Yo this dude almost hit mach 1 speeds (without the fact that its scale speed)

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    I liked the GT-R35 that Unspeakable chose because I LOVE Japanese cars!

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    Rockets go up to 17,600 mph

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    A rocket is 40,000 mph


    Unspeakale: *loves hotwheels* Amung us: WHY?!!!!!

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    How do you get the Hot Wheels portal

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    Omg when I saw u on tv Nathan I was so surprised and happy 😃 and I say this because the commercial was for hot wheels

  • Treverse T
    Treverse T13 hari yang lalu

    Omg when I saw u on tv Nathan I was so surprised and happy 😃 and I say this because the commercial was for hot wheels

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    How in the world did you hit that deer unspeakable that is so so so so so fast

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    I can go up to 1000 mph

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    Unspeakable yes you should top it up to 1000MPH+ and I love your videos so keep up the good work

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    Do a part 2

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    Rockets take off at almost 26,234 kmh