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    Can't wait to giveaway 25 Nintendo Switches and 25 PS4 to lucky Unspeakable Merch Shoppers! Early Merry Christmas Unspeakable army!

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    Jaclyn Arthur

    11 hari yang lalu

    Y don’t u swim in the mote

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    Payton Crooks

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    My mom finally dictated to get me some merchandise after 4 months

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    I subscribed

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    @Snich OK WE GET IT!!!!!!!!!!

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    Addisyn Gekas

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    I Have a question , when you to the thing for your giveway do you have to be in near your state Or is it being delivered ? Someone please answer I'm confused

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    i have bougt your maske there great andso i am subscribed

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    dude the knhome was so funnny

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    Please give me a swich i have a lot Of merch

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    I bout some can I get one

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    Hi unspeakable My brother really wants ps4

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    I want to have a PS4

  • Brittany Riddle
    Brittany Riddle3 jam yang lalu

    I have a PS4

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    Nintendo switches can cause you seizures if you are

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    Poooooooooooooooooooooooòooòooooooooooooooò ooooooooooooooooooooooooooloooooooooooooop

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    im a realy big fan

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    Unspeakable u should do a vid where u can only speak in pig Latin

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    I want one

  • Imtiyaz Zasmani dan salasiah
    Imtiyaz Zasmani dan salasiah6 jam yang lalu

    I want one

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    My sister thinks Gabe is attractive

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    The chees smells so bad I could smell it through the screen lol 😝

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    Love yore videos I'm a fan

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    1:32 LOL

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    Why the flip are you weird in your videos?

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    I'd like the gaming chair

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    Ahhhhh spider

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    Who wants more fortnite?

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    I got merch can I plz have switch

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    I got merck can I please have a switch plz

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    I'm not trying to be mean but like Nathan owns SO MUCH FRICKEN MONEY like he didn't even doble think when he droped that Nintendo switch in the lake.

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    My friend entered and he really wants that fortnight PlayStation 4His name is Cayden and he really wants it so please can you give it to him

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    Yes 👍 and you are cool 😎

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    You are so funny

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    Where is the code

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    I love you

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    Im ready

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    Am I nine

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    i ned 1 intedoswich

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    I don't have any nintendo switches can I have one

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    Hi unspeakable Hi unspeakable

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    This is not good for the netru

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    :/ 🧐

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    Dinner is served

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    i really want to enter, but my parents wont let me buy anything I am s sad

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    This is how many times i’ve laughed ⬇️

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    Sorry but stop destroying perfectly good items

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    Lat's go,that's subsciare

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    A can see likes ?

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    I feel bad for James and the food..

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    I have the rainbow unspeakable merch that look that's tie dye and I really want to know the tendo switch but I already have a PlayStation and but I have no games for it

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    I love when the 300$ toaster fell

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    I love it

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    I love your CHANNELL

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    The bouncy balls are going to kill the turtles start

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    639 was my code!!

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    I can't buy it but my brother really wants it

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    Ok but there is a ps5 tho but I still will by some March

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    Why do you were a hat every day

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    You don't know??????

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    Unspeakable l love 💖 you, your videos🍪🍪🍪🔥🔥🔥

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    you just wasted 300-350$ to explain a basic game

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    I already have a ps4 so I don't need t

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    I want the gold in tendo switches

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    soooo cool unspeakable can you play fortnite im lvl 183

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    And also they should have burnt the spider🕷

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    Rip the toaster

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    I love how excited Gabe was when he got to keep the bucket

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    18:54 James you got keep not brop😂

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    Soooo ummmm why not playstation 5's? XD My ps4 broke and my ps3 just gave up on me, and i already got rid of the ps2.

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    inmagne you are a fish and you see a spider swimming

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    hey give ps5 i think faze rug is better

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    Who else gets triggered when James gets somthing good and just ruins it when he’s ment to have it

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    It's the final brain cell

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    That's illegal in United states to drop cheese weels

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    You will never find that Nintendo

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    at 3:13 there was a camera filming the camera guy

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    This video is so funny it’s my favorite vid

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    You are the best i love you so much hope you do more vids

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